Huawei Y511 Smartphone

Recently, Huawei Terminal Y series launched a thousand Yuan on the following smartphone – Huawei Y511. As a main low-end market products, in addition to have a good price, Huawei Y511 in the configuration has reached the mainstream, with a dual-core processor 1.3GHz processor and 4.5-inch large screen.
In the configuration, Huawei Y511 using 4.5 inches touch screen, equipped with 1.3GHz frequency MediaTek MTK6572 dual-core processing and, built-in 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM storage, while also providing a providing a 1730mAh removable battery, runs Android 4.2 system and Huawei custom UI. Body measurements for the 132.8 × 67.4 × 10.5mm. In addition, 3,000,000 300,000 camera camera dual camera combinations, enough to meet the needs of users daily photo.

In appearance, the Huawei Y511 overall use of ABS plastic, although the toughness than metal, but lightweight and portable, easy to carry, while the rear shell brushed metal effect, full of personalitic.



Earlier we mentioned, Huawei Y511 support dual sim dual standby function, and two slots are standard SIM card slot, without bothering the user to cut card or replace a small card. Meanwhile, Huawei Y511 using the latest HSPA chip, supports up to 21Mbps Internet experience.
Mobile phone camera is one of the essential functions, Huawei Y511 is equipped with 30-megapixel front and 3 megapixel rear camera, while the side of the fuselage above were designed with 3.5mm headphone jack, SMicro USB interface.

From the sample point of view, Huawei Y511 color reproduction is very good, but due to 3 million pixel limit, photo imaging quality in general, especially in low-light conditions indoors, photographs taken more noise, higher quality requirements for photo users, Huawei Y511 may not meet the demand, but in sunny outdoor conditions, although only 3 million pixels, but excellent color reproduction commendable. For ordinary users, enough to use.

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